Basically an FAQ, but mostly a place for me to leave advice on things I had pondered about and answered with experience.

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Newbie Section: I’m interested, what’s this all about?

Q: I don’t have much time to read all this. What’s the best you can recommend for the average person?

The goal is to get a good pair of IEMs and a decent DAC/AMP to plug it in.

That’s it. However, if you want to go a bit further than this, there’s even more steps in the Audiophile section below:

Q: I already have the [insert reputable popular earbuds/headphones here], why should I bother? What motivates you? Sell me on the idea.

My biggest reasons: superb audio quality is a mind-blowing experience, and it serves you in the long-term.

Next is long-term. In general, this hobby pays off in the long-term because: